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Jewish Pioneers POW Families Association

2500 Jewish soldiers from the land of Israel arrived during January-April of 1941 to Athens, as part of the British Army’s Expeditionary Force. They were mainly from the Royal Pioneers Corps and other Engineering units but also from the R.A.S.C, Royal Corps of Signals, Royal Air Force and other British service units. They were sent to mainland Greece in an attempt to prevent the Germans and the Italians armies from conquering Greece.


Following an intensive blitz and aggressive invasion to Greece, about 2000 Jewish soldiers were taken Captive by the Germans, most of them on April 29th 1941 in Kalamata, Greece and on June 1st in Crete.

The epic journey of the Jewish Pioneers is the story of their indescribable ordeals in combat and later in Nazi and Italian captivity,

as well as countless heroic acts of bravery while escaping the Nazis in Greece and fighting alongside the local Greek resistance.

The Jewish Pioneers POW Families Association (JP-FA) is a voluntary organization serving to create worldwide commemoration of the Jewish Pioneers of World War II and bring their unbelievable Odyssey to light through education and a range of supporting activities.


Through its efforts and dedication, the JP-FA aims to bring the Pioneers’ story into the wider narrative of Jewish heroism during World War II and ensure that they will never be forgotten.

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